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Agents with National Public Health and Medical Officer Service permission

Disinfectant approved by Chief Medical Officer of State.

Disinfectant tested by National Center of Epidemiology.

Cold mist disinfection service with Hungarian developed. bio disinfectant. Hygienic, fast andextremely effective.

The new generation of chlorin-free indoor disinfection does not destroy or damage the surface but is it can eliminate pathogens in a wide range. Before the coronavirus epidemic, we couldn’t have imagined that life would ever come to such a halt. The concepts of safety and hygiene have been deeply re-evaluated. Now just the perfect and lasting is worth something and the stakes are huge.

Take control and build effective protection against bacteria, viruses and other infectious agents around you!


How does it work the cool mist disinfection?

A mist generator is used to deliver the disinfectant aerosol, which is a disinfectant based on a hypochlorous acid compound produced by a patented electrochemical process, to the room air.

The very finely atomized, cold mist also gets to there where other agents are incapable. The particles are less than 50 microns in size, so they are able to float permanently. The efficiency of the disinfectant aerosol is 100 times higher than those alkaline compounds containing active chlorine known today. Its exposure time is extremely low, only 5 minutes. Simple operating principle and economical application. The use of this procedure can mean significant cost optimization in the field of disinfection.


Forms an invisible shield after cleaning

We know that you take the utmost care for cleanliness. This method was invented for you.
The advantages of Silver Cleaner cold mist:

  • No resistance against it
  • Ph neutral
  • Exposure time: 5 minutes
  • Skin-friendly, inhaling it is not irritating
  • It also works in wet environments
  • Does not contain chemicals
  • Not flammable
  • It has a biocontrol certificate
  • It is 100% degradable
  • It has a safety data sheet
  • Does not contain alcohol derivatives

Quick, thorough, safe

Quickly, thoroughly, without any mess. Cold mist disinfection does not require preparation of the work area. The aerosol disinfects every square inch and every hidden corner without damaging anything. Getting it into the air is a quick and easy process. Disinfection is carried out in shops, offices and industrial facilities either after working hours or on weekends (these are surcharge services), so we do not disturb the work schedule. The need for disinfection is highly dependent on social activity. It is worth doing more often in busy places.


It also disinfects painted walls, furniture, textiles and leather

  • The disinfectant will not result in quality loss
  • Completely odorless and colorless
  • It leaves no stains, everything remains dry after disinfection
  • It is also harmless to pets and houseplants
  • Compatible with all surfaces
  • It can even be used several times a day


Our prices

Prices include VAT

up to 35 m²

12.990 HUF

up to 55 m²

15.990 HUF

up to 75 m²

19.990 HUF

up to 100 m²

29.990 HUF

up to 150 m²

39.990 HUF

up to 200 m²

54.990 HUF

up to 250 m²

69.990 HUF

up to 500 m²-

89.990 HUF

up to 1000 m²

119.990 HUF

up to 2000 m²

189.990 HUF

Our service areas

For the time being public disinfection is limited to Debrecen and its surroundings within 30 km. We do industrial disinfection throughout the country.


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